We provide your packaging and restaurant accessories at marginal prices; we’re an online store for buy packaging products and restaurant accessories. We offer marginal prices and always keep on top of market trends to make sure those prices stay competitive for you.

We’re proud to stock only responsibly sourced and quality products in our ever growing store, and anything you order will be delivered straight to your door. There are also huge savings to be made with regular exciting promotions and offers.

Purpose :

To be a leader in the online packaging and accessories in Bangladesh by providing superior quality packaging & accessories product , price, services.

Vision :

To become apparent into the most quality online packaging and accessories brand in Bangladesh with customer satisfaction by the providing best quality accessories product.

Mission :

  We will deliver what ready to our customer of choice & quality packaging & accessories product.

  We will ensure to take advantage of quality packaging & accessories product in very items.

  We will moderate customer innovative demand.

  We will be super Brand in Bangladesh in eco friendly packaging & accessories product. 

  We will ensure gradually improved reasonable productively as well as profitability.


  We say "YES" all our customers needs and demand

  We achieve modernization with the team building.

  We take responsibility for what we do with customer satisfaction.

  We believe in uninterrupted improvement with customer requirements.

  We believe ensure quality of product then money is consequence.


 Provincial extension in the different field of packaging & accessories sectors 

  To build good reputation in the field of packaging and accessories and become a key leader in the industry.

In short, we provide packaging and restaurant accessories -

- Individual Customers uses

- Corporate Clients like group of company .

- Restaurants –Hotel, Motel, Club, Shop.

- And many more

What's on offer? :

We’ve offered large number of packaging and accessories product in foodmartstore.

The great thing about branded products is that your customers know you're on the foodmartstore platform which helps promote your business.

We offer a wide variety of packaging and disposable products. Pizza boxes are one of our most popular ranges. Different types of designing art card is used for the boxes and we source a size of boxes for different types of pizzas, Burger and others food box.

We’re proud to provide of eco-friendly food packaging products which unique selection by our foodmartstore team.

We offer also the cleaning products for restaurants hygienic and healthy environment. The restaurant accessories including our brand new napkin ,Move, Clinger, Gloves etc with marginal priced and we also offer hot food delivery bag in different shape for the restaurants food delivery.


We offer also the one time disposal plastic and paper products for restaurants and others business food serve with hygienic and healthy way. The restaurant warm or clod liquid food to serve like : Tea , Coffee, water, juice etc. here the foodmartstore accessories including our plastic disposal items like : plastic glass, plate, cup, spoon, box etc with marginal priced.

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